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Packin’ Up While the Snow Flies

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

I’ll be guiding up in Placid for the next three days, so today I’m busy planning and packing gear and groceries.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to fall outside. It’s raining to the south, as close as Lake George, but it hasn’t done that here. We’re past 24″ of snowfall so far, I’m sure, and it shows no sign of abating. It did get a bit crusty last night, and today clods have been falling off the trees and hitting the roof with alarming resonance.

With all the shoveling to be done, yesterday I found out that particular exercise really messes with my shoulders. Ra massaged out the worst of those painful knots, but I’m still stiff and sore – and there’s plenty of shoveling to do again. Ugh. That groundhog saw his shadow for sure; I dread the prospect of three/four more weeks of this!

Winter Returns to Crane Mtn.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

After watching the last several snow storms veer away from the North Country, we’re getting socked. While we’ve had more than our fair share of cold weather, we haven’t had more than a dusting of snow in a long time. Now that those warm, sunny days make me think of warm rock and lightweight shoes, those flakes are whispering “We’re baaaack!”

Snowfall late February 2010

Power was out this morning, over a foot of snow was on the ground when we awoke. A half hour of diligent shoveling released our cars from their frosty docks and we sped off the mountain for a decent cup of coffee and a delicious pistachio muffin. Fortunately, both could be had in Warrensburg.

I don’t know what this means for ice climbing on Crane. Avalanches may be an issue for a couple days, but more importantly, the ice was badly withered before this storm, so it is likely to remain so. Only difference will be that climbers won’t know where unglazed rock begins until they smack it. And approach is going to be a tiring affair. I won’t have time today, nor probably this entire week, to break trails.


Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

After a prolonged wait (OK, perhaps an hour), the subdomain I really wanted is ready, activated, charging ahead full-speed.

The blog officially sits here at No mo’ fuss, no mo’ muss. I hope.

Gym Mondays

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

A few years back, I started a regular Monday Night Rock Gym activity. Intended for members of area churches, I thought it would be a good way to create face-time with the “unchurched” regulars at the local gym and provide a social gathering that focused on exercise rather than food. It was never wildly successful, drawing big crowds in for only a handful of evenings in its three year history.

It did pull in a few people who then became enthusiastic about climbing and became regulars themselves, so it hasn’t been a complete flop either. I’ve been blessed to watch Zack become a very strong climber, Ken use the sport as a motivator for getting back in shape, and a few other people improve and build on their skills as climbers.

Tonight, we witnessed another watershed event. One of my routine exercises at Rocksport is leading the ceiling. I always take the easiest line to the anchors, lower down, and then someone else takes a shot at “cleaning” the pitch. Nowadays, Zack manages that without breaking a sweat – and even does it without using his feet, so-called “campusing”. But Kate never made it to the anchors without falling before. Monday, she made it. On her second attempt, she climbed strong and confident to the end of the line and lowered down victorious.

She was so stoked that she added to the accomplishment by doing her first lead as well, taking the sharp end up to the top of the wall. Maybe next week, she will start working her way out toward those tip-top anchors…

Blog Attempt 2.1

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

I’m not quite there yet. The plan was to create a subdomain,, and drop this blog into it. I mistakenly created and placed the blog in the wrong domain (, so today I created the correct subdomain, and as soon as that is ready, will move this blog into its home. For some reason, creating a subdomain isn’t an instant pleasure; there’s a delay getting it “official” I suppose.

All this begs the question as to whether it has been worth the effort. Time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll see if I make an adequate blogger or, like so many others out there, lose the enthusiasm for it in a month or two.

One of the quandaries of using software like this is not understanding it well. I dislike ignorance in this field, but I’m gradually yielding to the real necessity of saving time by using stuff like this. I may never understand the database-driven website, but at least I may eventually reap the benefits of having one.

Blog Attempt, Take Two

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

My Web Host offers free blogging software that seems very easy to use. The ease of installation came with a price however: I couldn’t install the blog in a separate directory (e.g. I didn’t realize this until I created a blog and discovered the blogging software hijacked my entire site.

Fortunately, my directories weren’t deleted, just unavailable to the web server. Users browsing to my site were being automatically linked to the blog database instead of seeing all that clutter I’ve created in the past. A simple “delete blog” command and all was well.

Except I still didn’t have a blog up and running.

I could have installed WordPress (the Blogging software) manually – which would have involved learning exactly how to do this – but there was an easier workaround.

1and1 does allow subdomain names (e.g., and in the end, this is how I’ve enabled a blog on my site. Unfortunately, I mistakenly stuck it inside mtnsidedesign, an aborted attempt at Web Development I dreamed up back in the days when it was possible to do webdev without purchasing expensive software updates, greasing search engine coffers, and keeping track of dozens of arcane methodologies. I’m no longer interested in pursuing that sort of stuff, certainly not at the level required nowadays; so I’ll either leave it “here” or move it over to mtnsideview.