Blog Attempt, Take Two

My Web Host offers free blogging software that seems very easy to use. The ease of installation came with a price however: I couldn’t install the blog in a separate directory (e.g. I didn’t realize this until I created a blog and discovered the blogging software hijacked my entire site.

Fortunately, my directories weren’t deleted, just unavailable to the web server. Users browsing to my site were being automatically linked to the blog database instead of seeing all that clutter I’ve created in the past. A simple “delete blog” command and all was well.

Except I still didn’t have a blog up and running.

I could have installed WordPress (the Blogging software) manually – which would have involved learning exactly how to do this – but there was an easier workaround.

1and1 does allow subdomain names (e.g., and in the end, this is how I’ve enabled a blog on my site. Unfortunately, I mistakenly stuck it inside mtnsidedesign, an aborted attempt at Web Development I dreamed up back in the days when it was possible to do webdev without purchasing expensive software updates, greasing search engine coffers, and keeping track of dozens of arcane methodologies. I’m no longer interested in pursuing that sort of stuff, certainly not at the level required nowadays; so I’ll either leave it “here” or move it over to mtnsideview.

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