Blog Attempt 2.1

I’m not quite there yet. The plan was to create a subdomain,, and drop this blog into it. I mistakenly created and placed the blog in the wrong domain (, so today I created the correct subdomain, and as soon as that is ready, will move this blog into its home. For some reason, creating a subdomain isn’t an instant pleasure; there’s a delay getting it “official” I suppose.

All this begs the question as to whether it has been worth the effort. Time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll see if I make an adequate blogger or, like so many others out there, lose the enthusiasm for it in a month or two.

One of the quandaries of using software like this is not understanding it well. I dislike ignorance in this field, but I’m gradually yielding to the real necessity of saving time by using stuff like this. I may never understand the database-driven website, but at least I may eventually reap the benefits of having one.

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