Gym Mondays

A few years back, I started a regular¬†Monday Night Rock Gym activity. Intended for members of area churches, I thought it would be a good way to create face-time with the “unchurched” regulars at the local gym and provide a social gathering that focused on exercise rather than food. It was never wildly successful, drawing big crowds in for only a handful of evenings in its three year history.

It did pull in a few people who then became enthusiastic about climbing and became regulars themselves, so it hasn’t been a complete flop either. I’ve been blessed to watch Zack become a very strong climber, Ken use the sport as a motivator for getting back in shape, and a few other people improve and build on their skills as climbers.

Tonight, we witnessed another watershed event. One of my routine exercises at Rocksport¬†is leading the ceiling. I always take the easiest line to the anchors, lower down, and then someone else takes a shot at “cleaning” the pitch. Nowadays, Zack manages that without breaking a sweat – and even does it without using his feet, so-called “campusing”. But Kate never made it to the anchors without falling before. Monday, she made it. On her second attempt, she climbed strong and confident to the end of the line and lowered down victorious.

She was so stoked that she added to the accomplishment by doing her first lead as well, taking the sharp end up to the top of the wall. Maybe next week, she will start working her way out toward those tip-top anchors…

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