Winter Returns to Crane Mtn.

After watching the last several snow storms veer away from the North Country, we’re getting socked. While we’ve had more than our fair share of cold weather, we haven’t had more than a dusting of snow in a long time. Now that those warm, sunny days make me think of warm rock and lightweight shoes,¬†those flakes are whispering “We’re¬†baaaack!”

Snowfall late February 2010

Power was out this morning, over a foot of snow was on the ground when we awoke. A half hour of diligent shoveling released our cars from their frosty docks and we sped off the mountain for a decent cup of coffee and a delicious pistachio muffin. Fortunately, both could be had in Warrensburg.

I don’t know what this means for ice climbing on Crane. Avalanches may be an issue for a couple days, but more importantly, the ice was badly withered before this storm, so it is likely to remain so. Only difference will be that climbers won’t know where unglazed rock begins until they smack it. And approach is going to be a tiring affair. I won’t have time today, nor probably this entire week, to break trails.

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