Packin’ Up While the Snow Flies

I’ll be guiding up in Placid for the next three days, so today I’m busy planning and packing gear and groceries.

Meanwhile, the snow continues to fall outside. It’s raining to the south, as close as Lake George, but it hasn’t done that here. We’re past 24″ of snowfall so far, I’m sure, and it shows no sign of abating. It did get a bit crusty last night, and today clods have been falling off the trees and hitting the roof with alarming resonance.

With all the shoveling to be done, yesterday I found out that particular exercise really messes with my shoulders. Ra massaged out the worst of those painful knots, but I’m still stiff and sore – and there’s plenty of shoveling to do again. Ugh. That groundhog saw his shadow for sure; I dread the prospect of three/four more weeks of this!

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