Another Joy of Home Ownership

I’ve traded the upward world for a decidedly downward one today. Our septic line clogged up somewhere, so I spent the entire evening up to my shoulders in a toilet pipe. I have no idea whether I fixed anything or not, but I got plenty of exercise forcing 45′ of snake down the line in an effort to clear whatever out of it. All the hot water we have can’t make me feel clean right now. Six or seven showers more and I might feel OK.

Looks like I only have one day of guiding this weekend, which is OK, considering that I have subbed every day this week and will tomorrow as well. I am really looking forward to a rest day – whenever it comes.

Even more, I’m looking forward to climbing some ROCK. If the temps do indeed get up in the 40s and it is warm on Sunday, perhaps a snowshoe out to the Measles Wall in the afternoon for some ice AND rock climbing…

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