Home Again

Good day guiding yesterday. I had a party of 4, which is usually a crowd, but fortunately two in the group were experienced climbers with solid belay skills. After thorough testing in that regard, I could put up another TR and everyone got to climb a lot more than typical for that group size.

One gentleman in the group, let’s call him JC, proved adept at climbing single-tool, often without gloves. I played around with the notion of suckering him into a sort of “strip-poker” style ice climbing, eliminating another tool and maybe a crampon or two before we finished the day, but resisted the temptation.

It was a gorgeous day in Cascade Pass. The ice looks horrible, but is so thick that after scraping away the 1 1/2″ of sunrot, there’s usually great stuff underneath. Of course, you have to excavate through all the low-angle sections, where snowfall and slough have piled a lot of dense fluff, but once some poor sucker brave pioneer has led the way, snowmelt creates a great route to follow.

Lake Placid was abuzz last night; not sure what event was going on or if the late snowfall just brought out a lot of skiers, but it was crowded. The recent rumors of trying to get Olympics 2018 back here are clearly refuted by the difficulties of getting a “normal” winter crowd through town now.

Back home, the septic repairs seem to be working. Thank God and Hometown Septic! The last thing I want is a rerun of last Thursday’s antics. No one home when I arrived; Ra took the youngest to the airport for her return to college. Robin is back now and things will be back to normal (whatever that is) some time today.

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