Last Call for Waterfall Wall

Waterfall Wall First PitchI went out today to check conditions at Crane Mountain’s Waterfall Wall. Gorgeous day, just what the ice can’t handle. The ice was decent for most of the first pitch, but the last 40′ or so was split by open water on rock, and the tongues of ice remaining were falling apart. I ended up tooling up the tangle of downed trees on the left. Second and third pitches were fine, though mostly just snow. The upper pitches looked bad; I didn’t bother heading up to them.

Self-Portrait on the Waterfall Wall

In the afternoon, I ran up to the Measles Wall to check rock conditions there. The Righthand Wall was dribbling wet, a function of snowmelt on the slab above. I decided to attempt a solution to that problem, wallowed around to the top, dropped a rope, and rappelled avec shovel in hand. In a half hour or so, I cleared the lion’s share of white stuff away.┬áMy work made a sopping mess of the face below, so a quick attempt at climbing H1N1 was a miserable failure, but hopefully tomorrow will be different. I’ll try doing it in real climbing shoes next time: the Mad Rock Mountaineers edge great, but they don’t smear well on wet rock!

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