Spastics on Plastic

Ah, March. Glop, slop, and slush. With the threatening weather, I figured real rock would be iffy at best, so since I worked in GF today, I went to Rocksport Gym afterward, met Simon and shortly afterward Bruce M. came along. We spent most of the afternoon working TRs, warming up on easy-moderate stuff, then falling our way up harder lines. It was a good workout. We ended the evening taking turns at leading the ceiling. It was much harder today, partly due to being pretty tired from the TR bout, and partly because it is noticeably more humid now. The holds feel greasier.

In the middle of our session, I got a phone call. Matt, the other Lk. Placid guide, tweaked his knee and couldn’t work tomorrow. A quick inquiry to Bruce and that problem was solved. Hopefully, we’re not getting dumped on for the entire trip. Chapel Pond Canyon still has good ice, so we’ll probably end up in there. No walkarounds there, so looks like I’ll have to lead something…heh, I get to ice climb one more time this season!

I got an email from a friend who went out to the Measles Wall today. They climbed H1N1 and even tried the central route. I guess they had a good time, though they got a late start and made an aborted attempt at getting to the Black Arches Wall. Crackanoon Club strikes again.

So yep, it’s March, that peculiar Twilight Zone of sketching up plastic ice and dicey plastic, and┬ápiecing together dry patches of┬árock. Gotta love it!

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