Plastic to the Rescue

Sunday heralded the first complete washout of the year, so there was no chance for climbing that day. The ice is gone here in the southern Adirondacks, and the rock was wet all day Monday, so without a handy plastic refuge, I could not have climbed.

Thank God for Rocksport.
I’m not a rabid gym-rat, but there’s a definite benefit from them, especially for those of us who live in an area where the weather is “inconsistent” – and the Southern Adks fits that description to a tee.

I worked in GF during the day, so stopping by Tom’s place was convenient. I arrived early enough to shoot the breeze with Mr. Rosecrans himself. He and Justin were routesetting, so we chatted for awhile before people began trickling in. It was a quiet night for “my” crowd, Simon C. and Ken P. came. The usual young’uns kept the place lively enough, though they spent most of their time socializing upstairs. Perhaps that has something to do with Springtime…

Friday and yesterday were the first days I’ve concentrated on TR’ing there, and the first thing I noticed was that some of the lines there are really good quality routes. In general, gyms tend to be pretty unimaginative, geared heavily toward height and crimp-strength. A few years ago, I would have said that described Rocksport as well, but Justin, the main routesetter there, has come along impressively in that time. He’s putting up lines that utilize a variety of techniques and body positions without marginalizing short people (like me) or ripping finger tendons. Kudos to him, particularly for that 5.10 line on the south wall.

Simon, Ken, and I spent our time TR’ing lines. Ken has come along quite a bit in the past few weeks; Simon has rocketed upward. It was impressive to watch him climb last night, as he has improved immensely. He managed the hardest TRs of the night, and then led the ceiling very smoothly afterward. That bespeaks a big increase in endurance on his part.

All of us were feeling the effects of the time-change. That spring-ahead thing is great in the long run, but it’s a harsh adjustment the first few days into DST. At least we have an hour more daylight after work now. Hopefully, we’ll soon be using that outdoors.

No worthwhile calls today, so I may head up the mountain. I’ll try to take some pictures and maybe climb a bit if the rock is dry enough.

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