Dev on the Mtn and a Gunk Day or Two

Rock Climbing season is well underway now, hooray!

Last Thursday, I drove down to the Gunks and climbed with Caroline, another EMS guide. We tackled Laurel – now exposed to the sunshine, as the trees above have all tumbled down, Son of Easy O, and Horseman. Caroline got a late call to work, so without a partner for Friday, I headed home.

 Ra & I returned to the Gunks on Saturday, and climbed all of Betty. With a near-fatal accident nearby and quite a crowd, we opted to climb on the cliffs behind the top for awhile, enjoying more sunny weather and a bit more solitude.

The weather predictions have been off quite a lot lately, but in a favorable way: forecasts of lousy conditions that end early or don’t arrive. Sunday was a perfect example. Expecting an inch or two of snow on the ground when we awoke, we found instead cold but mostly sunny weather. By the end of church time, it was nice outside. Ra & I went down to a neighbor’s house and raked the lawn awhile, then headed home. I had time to run up to the Measles Wall and TR all three of the righthand routes. I’m almost ready to take a shot at the center line.

Monday and Tuesday were rainy, but of course Monday was Rocksport night, so I still got some climbing in.

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