CMS Dilemma

Well, I’ve bounced back to my WordPress Blog for blogging, or something similar to it. In the meantime, I have to decide whether to dump Textpattern or spend the time making it work. Being unable to access my old articles is annoying, to say the least; struggling to format the page to look and feel the way I want it took look just doesn’t seem worth the bother. I was doing that on my own for years.

Of course, going back will require archiving what I have up on the Textpattern side (probably just copy/paste it into here), then browsing my site directories for what hasn’t been hijacked and deleted. I should do that anyway, to see if perhaps there’s a workaround.

And of course, I’ll be back where I started, trying to make the site have a consistent visual appearance, while also making it useful as an online guide to Crane Mountain’s rock and ice climbing and a depository for articles and reviews. That will also mean an increasingly cluttered main folder, as well; and a few technical problems I’ve yet to solve. Being a putz programmer, none of this will be easy.

Interesting side note,¬†while chatting with¬†Neil and Mike Saturday, Mike mentioned that he has an Adirondack Climber’s Facebook page up. Apparently, I’ve missed yet another boat, I’m still floating on the blogosphere, while the masses have jumped ship to social networking sites. Maybe if I stick around long enough, forums will come back in vogue…

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