Making the Most of Miserable Weather…and Macros!

Busy working until midafternoon yesterday, I figured with April’s weather revisiting the mountain, there was no chance for climbing. In the morning, great dollops of snow fell, two-inch diameter clots of cottony gauze vanishing at first as they hit the ground. Throughout the day the temperature dropped, so by the time I left work the world was dotted in white. When I could see them, the conifer ridges were shimmering silver. Granular snow gyred along the pavement, the wind hurling it in dervish circles as I drove home. Winter may have left the mountains early this year, but she sent a nasty reminder of her nature so we wouldn’t forget her.




Not expecting much, I made a quick run to the Measles Walls. Cracklosis seemed plausible, so I hopped on and managed to climb it, proving that it can be done wet, in approach shoes and gloves, while it snows: maybe it should be downgraded.

Arriving at the top, I walked over to the Upper Wall and set out on Hydrophobia. The gloves came off at the crux, but otherwise that went without much struggle. I walked down to the Under Wall and ascended Social Disease, scrubbing a bit along the way to clear slime from footholds. Near its top, I dropped my brush, so I went down to find it, couldn’t, so I climbed the route again. Halfway up, I spied the fallen tool, so at the top, I went back down and recovered it, then climbed the route one more time.

It began to snow again, solid bits of ice this time. I worked my way back over and down to the Lower Wall, made a last run up Measly Little Corner, then headed homeward.

Or began to head homeward. I had to pause several times along the way to take pictures of snow mingling with the fresh growth on the forest floor. The combination of vivid green and brilliant white snow crystals was irresistible. So I didn’t get many pictures of climbing, but I took a lot of close-ups of plants. Woo Hoo!
















Love the E620!

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  1. treeowner1 says:

    truely lovely shots. but better you than me for the snow.

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