Spring Again!

The clouds blew out under a steady, strong wind overnight. We awoke to clear skies; soon, sunshine was streaming unfiltered on the rolling hills surrounding us. It was still cold, but no longer that bitter, winter-biting cold; just a blustery windchill.
Work took a bit longer today, so Ra and I arrived home almost at the same time. We changed and headed up to the Viewpoint for a bit of exercise before the sun went down. It’s a strenuous, short hike, rewarded by a wonderful vista of the valley through which runs Garnet Lake Road; a perfect after-work stretcher, with of course a few nice climbing options as well.
I ran ahead to get a couple of those in, and ended up doing Viewpoint Crack and Blue Streaks before Ra arrived. We chatted awhile, then I jogged down for a quick run up Every Creature’s Theme, a perennial favorite, before we both headed down the trail.

I took no pictures (the one above is an old one), so you’ll have to trust me on this: the sky was that heart-piercing blue that makes you yearn for heaven. After so many days of grays, dim and shiftless, moribund muddy smudges to dark and threatening charcoals, the contrast of such an otherworldly, vivid color, heightens the sensation.
Tomorrow: FA Plans!

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