Another Summit FA

Arriving home late today, I determined to get some exercise anyway, so nearly 5:30 or not, I drove up to the trailhead and headed upward.

A quick run up Every Creature’s Theme went well, so after passing the lower ladder, I cut into the woods and headed for the cliff. Heading directly up this way, I quickly found the wall I wanted to try with Bruce last Friday (precipitating that horrendous Dartmouth Notch debacle). Below the crack-riddled face, toward its left side, a steep slab lay, its rough surface decorated with several cracks. It looked a bit difficult, but feeling sporty, I decided to give it a go.

A couple tenuous moves and things eased off. In no time, I stood on a boulder at the left edge of that intriguing face. Intriguing, but also a bit intimidating. Too intimidating: I decided to skirt the wall on its left. Pushing past a bush as I stepped around the corner, I found myself on a sloping ledge leading to a corner with a ramp-like face on the left, a steep wall on the right, and a wide, shallow crack between them. The ramp had plenty of cracks similar to the slab below, so it wasn’t hard to work upward until I could commit fully to the wide crack, and from there gain a good, if airy stance.

At this point, a horizontal crack led out right, around the corner, onto the wall I had earlier shied away from. I couldn’t peek around without at least testing some of the holds leading that way, and once I did that, the holds seemed good enough to follow outward. That move was indeed scary, but not terribly hard. I continued up, choosing the most exciting option when two arose, which generally meant the right one. Every one of them tended to go without being physically hard, but each increased the exposure. In short order, I reached the top of the cliff. Finally, the bottom was connected with the ridgetop here at the Grand Face area.

I went on to do a few other climbs up there (see the update to the previous installment), but that first one was both exciting, moderate, and fun.

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