Hustling a Few Minutes

The last few days have been spent in a flurry of plain old-fashioned butt-ugly tasks. Work, for one. Yeah, gotta do that one. Compared to other tasks, the work was actually pretty good.

The car was the thing. Good as our Elantra has been to us – and make no mistake, it has been fantastic – the rear brakes were shot. They held up for 129,000 miles, so I can’t complain. But they had to be fixed. I hoped this would be quick-in, quick-out; but memories from the days I used to do those sorts of things whispered “no way,” and those memories were right. I spent the day in Glens Falls. The folks at Garvey Hyundai did great, and in the end it cost me less than expected. Not cheap, mind you, less.

Well, it took most of the day. I spent some quality time at Crandall Library, catching up on the latest Climbing magazine (40 years! Congrats, folks), digging around for more CMS information, picking up a few good books. I ate horrendous junk food for lunch. Ate something worse for dessert. Back to the library for awhile. Finally, the car was done. I paid my dues (both places) and hurried home.

A few phone call chores and I could roll up to the Measles Walls and sneak a bit of climbing in. The weather forecast called for rain, and it had, early this morning, but it looked pretty good when I arrived at the cliffs. First up, Run for Rabies. Downclimb Measly Little Corner. Up Cracklosis. Down MLC again. Over to the Upper Measles Wall, up Hydrophobia, run around, up El Muerte Rojo. One last chore: I had a few quickdraws stuck on H1N1. They came down today.

200′ of climbing in an hour. That makes it a good day.

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