Visiting the Viewpoint and Moseying to the Measles Wall

Our friend Val came up today, ready to give rockclimbing another go, after a long period of rehabilitation. She has made a few forays indoors and one aborted attempt a month or so back, but today was her first step up outdoors. We hiked up to the Viewpoint to see how things would go.


We began on Puzzle, the easiest route here. Like most of the routes at the Viewpoint, the difficulties come low on the route; in this case a tricky step up to get started and another one traversing left just before reaching a good ledge. After that, it’s typical Viewpoint sketch slab. Val struggled a bit on the hard parts, but soon joined me on the ledge where I belayed, then ascended with little pause at all to the top.


After a short rest, we rappeled down and climbed Every Creature’s Theme. This went even better; apparently Val just needed some stretching to get under way full steam.

Back on the top, we ate lunch and considered our options. The steep hike up, added to what we had already done to get here, didn’t seem wise, considering Val’s state of recuperation. She was doing well, but not enough to risk the entire hike. I suggested we go down and see how she felt at the trailhead; if she felt good enough to go on, we could wander out to the Measles Wall.

That’s what we ended up doing, though I could see Val wandered a bit slower on the walk out there. She didn’t complain or seem to be in pain, though, so we just took our time and arrived without incident. I showed her around the place – it has swollen with strangely-named crags: Lower, Upper, Over, Under, Top’o’ the Measles Walls; it has all become a bit ridiculous, but the place has a charm all the same, despite being quite short.


We settled on top-roping Hydrophobia, the route Ra & I put up Easter weekend this year; and that went very well. This route is pretty easy, but the moves are aesthetic and require thoughtful climbing instead of bullish thrutching at holds. Val liked this one a lot.


It was time to head home after this; a big half-day of climbing was enough of a trial run to say Val was up to climbing once again. Welcome back!

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  1. Valpine says:

    Awesome day Jay! Thanks for your patience and helping me get over that hump. Nice pics.

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