Sunset Scenics

It rained hard Friday morning, enough so the cliffs stayed damp into the evening. Other than a scary wander up a nondescript slab, a quick run up Cornerstone, and another terrifying wallow up a moss-choked slot, I didn’t do much climbing. I went up the mountain seeking pictures instead. 

My neverending quest for mountaintop sunset pics continues. Last night was a bit better than usual, though not topnotch. Can’t complain. I did forget my headlamp, so the race against darkness down the mountain was exciting. My knee is squealing this morning.


Typical view from the western edge of the main summit ridge cliffs. 


 This is the all-too familiar mtn-profile-with-sun-streaming-behind-cloud picture. Obviously, I like these.


 That’s Snowy Mountain the sun is setting behind.


Looking away from the sunset, the cliffs had that alpenglow tint to ’em. 







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