Weekend Update

Wonderful weekend, despite the weather.
Rushed home Friday, with a tight window between work and a meeting. I met Tim Trezise and co., 3 in total, at the trailhead, and while we packed gear, another 3 arrived to join us. The seven of us hiked rapidly out to the Black Arches Wall (a.k.a. BAW), pausing only a few moments to point out various snippets of the Measles Walls along the way.
We got to work immediately upon arrival: Peter roping up for a lead of Parallel Passage, Tim doing the same for Second Job.


Both worked up their respective routes and were soon setting dual TRs on both their own lines and the routes next door to each. For Peter, that would be Plumb Line, a stunning crack line and currently the hardest route here; for Tim, the delicate face climbing of Critical Crimps.
I had barely enough time to fling a TR on Black Arch Arête and belay Tim on it before having to sprint out to make that meeting (a tad late, as it turns out), leaving my gear there for the good folks to carry out for me.
Saturday’s forecast was gloomy, and with no one willing to risk a day on Crane with rain, I figured to spend it working on some routes in need of scrubbing. As I began packing, a strange pair of shoes tumbled out of my knapsack. Hmmm. A quick call to Tim and the owner was divined. Peter would need to return to Crane Mountain to regain his shoes. Looking out the window, I couldn’t help but think the increasing sunshine might make his visit longer than a mere retrieval-and-run affair.
I wandered out to the Measles Walls in any case, and spent a few hours scrubbing the crud that had built up on El Muerte Rojo. While taking a break, I spied a tall, lanky figure walking toward me. Peter had taken the bait, and in reclaiming his shoes, was coming out for another bit of climbing.
We decided to climb on these short crags today, as he and the gang had danced with darkness the night before at the BAW; that and my run rendered us both a bit tired.
Peter started out on Hydrophobia, leading up this enjoyable, easy line and then stepped over to set a TR on Cat Scratch Fever.
We both ran both lines, then moved left. Peter led Full Moon Fever, then I led up El Muerte Rojo, sketching worse than ever on what turned out to be an incredibly slippery combination of moss and water. Natural Teflon, or awefully close. I fell four times getting off the ground.
That was more or less “it” for the Upper Measles Wall. We moved down to the Lower, where Peter became one more notch in the Center Line’s growing list of attempting FA’ers. We also TR’d H1N1 while there.
Our toes were aching by then, so we opted to move to the Over the Measles Wall, where we could TR the hardest line here, Resistant Strain. That rebuked us both, though Peter came very close to snagging it before we finally surrendered and headed out. Once again, home late, hungry, dirty, and exhausted: perfect condition.
Of course, Sunday dawned drear and wet, and honestly, I needed the rest!

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