Gun Show Goes!

Matt Oakes, a climber currently living in Lake Placid, IM’d me this morning, and we decided to meet at the BAW. Last night’s rain dampened everything, but the sun was shining at 10am, so I had hopes it would be dry enough to climb something.

I left home at 11, reached the BAW forty minutes later, and began TRing my project. I felt pretty good about it; after two runs, I was pretty sure it would go. Resting after another lap, Matt arrived.

We immediately set up for an attempt. At only 30′, it didn’t take long. We sat on the ledge above, enjoying the view, then spent an hour or so TRing the line and its variant before rain drove us out of the woods.

Tentatively, Gun Show is 5.10a G 30′. I give it one or two stars. The pro is good but a bit tricky to place, and trickier to pull. It’s a good, strenuous, short workout; the traversing variant will be even better.

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