Potentially Big Day

Our daughter’s wedding has passed, and despite two vehicle breakdowns, all went well. It was suspenseful, limping into the church parking lot in a choking vehicle. Who would stand in for the father of the bride?

I now have another son-in-law; my daughters did me right in seeking out young men who enjoy climbing. They are also responsible, hard-working, gentle, and kind people. I suppose those are nice characteristics as well! Sadly, this last addition will probably end up living in FL, a state which lies somewhere between last and not-even-on the list of places that hold my interest. Crikey, mate! With three kids, you would think one of ’em would settle near a climbing area.

My Dad spent four days with us, during which we hiked to the Measles Walls, walked through the Boulderwoods awhile, , visited Rocksport, watched the sun set from the shore of Lake George at Shelving Rock, and ate far more than we should have. The unshakeable urge to prove one’s worth to Father still holds, even when the son is pushing fifty and the father nips at eighty; so I was proud to show off the work that has been accomplished here on Crane during the past two decades. I would have liked to take him on a tour of the Black Arches Wall, but that was too far and too rough a hike.

Rather than plop Dad on a bus in Warrensburg for what ends up being a ten hour trip home, we drove out to Utica, stopping at Little Falls along the way for a quick tour of the climbing there and a chance to watch boats pass through the lock. We made it from there to the bus station on time, something the bus itself couldn’t manage: Dad ended up waiting at the station an hour for his first bus. The changeover in Syracuse was also late, so by the time he reached Binghamton, it was too late to go on to Owego. His total trip, excluding his ride with me but including the last leg, taken with the help of a friend, took about six hours; so much for mass transit efficiency.

Thunder storms rolled through the area last night, dropping buckets of rain and hail, and finally yanking our electricity for the night. Ra & I snuggled cozily amongst candlelight for the evening, making the most of the outage, so the loss was gain. This morning the power is back, which is a Good Thing – the happy mood would not have endured a morning without coffee and Internet.

It’s looking sunny and sweet here this morning; tentative plans for Tom L. and I to spend the day at the BAW working our respective projects. Jason B. should arrive around 5pm and perhaps we will send one or two of ’em then. I certainly hope so. I might then be able to focus on something easier for a change.

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