Tom Sends Project


Thursday broke the spell of dampness that had shrouded Crane Mountain – and much of the Northeast – since Sunday. I headed out along the BAW path, intent on doing some much needed path work in the morning and perhaps top-roping something in the afternoon if conditions allowed. I called Tom Lane to let him know I was heading out that way, just in case his line was dry enough to tackle.

Tom’s line was quite wet in the morning, so that looked to be a nonstarter, but I was able to get a lot of work on the path done, and during that work, the sun shone and a good breeze filtered through. By noon, it wasn’t dry, but it was probably good enough to give it a go. Another call (love that reception out there!), but he wasn’t home, probably doing chores or something.

Or walking in to the project: a half hour later, Tom came in, gear and all. He looked over the conditions and declared it feasible. This was all a Good Thing, since my plans for the weekend had radically changed moments earlier (hate that cell reception out there!). I would be away for most of the weekend, now, so the attempt would have to be today or next week.

A little tidying up around the base and we were ready. Tom racked up, tied in, and began climbing. The damp section was, fortunately, easy going; past the “first crux” the line was dry. It was a bit harder than usual getting past that point, but not terribly so, and at the last stance, Tom pulled out a handy scrap of towel and cleaned his shoes before launching through the difficulties above.

Like Todd’s a couple days earlier, the FA was clean and efficient; Tom sketched on only one move, but held it together and finished well. Oddy’s Crack of Horror goes at 5.10b G, is 45’ long, and is named for a cat with multiple claws and temperament to match – so take a guess what that final crack feels like.
Highly recommended.

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