Brief Return to Rock, Ice Reforming

Tom and I went out along the SE face of Crane today in hopes of doing some ice climbing. It was not to be, the rains and warmish temps of earlier this week took it all.

However, we were fortunate enough to get to the BAW and find it dry. With enough sunshine to keep our hands warm, we made the best of the situation, and climbed the original line of Full Recovery.



I can’t complain about another chance to get on rock, though I do wish I had been more motivated early this morning. I could have sent that one last project…but hey, it’ll be there.

After a speck’o’rock, we wandered down to have a look at cliffs lower along this side of the mountain. Eventually we came to the Waterfall Wall, where I was hoping to see fast-building ice. Alas:


So it may be awhile yet before we’re running up this Crane Mountain classic. Oh well, I’ll either accomplish some way-overdue chores, or blow them off some more and join the gang scrounging for ice in the High Peaks area tomorrow.

We did see some fantastic potential projects for next year. No surprise there, the mountain is chockful of cliffs.

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