A Crane Mtn New Year’s Eve Party

How does a mountain celebrate its most productive year ever? With people gearing up for a classic ice line.

Bruce Monroe suits up for the Waterfall Wall.

Tackling the 3ish line between the standard finish and the Tempest Variation.
Ice climbing drives you nuts.

…and top-roping a tougher one.


Touring another excellent ice flow. 

Bruce leads the right side of the Northern Waterfall.
Nearing the top of the Northern Waterfall.
Mike Prince follows Bruce up the Northern Waterfall.

And then TRing some harder options on the same flow.

The author climbs an overhanging corner on the left side. Photo courtesy of Bruce or Mike!
Bruce does the backstep tackling that scrappy lil’ corner…closeup:

We all took a turn on that vertical flow as well. Here’s Mike P. starting out:

 Meanwhile, other climbers made an alpine style exploration that included woodland scrambling…

Val ascends the first part of an alpine exploration of the South Corner Cliffs.

…sections of mixed climbing… 

Higher along the route.

…ice climbing…


…and even barefoot rock climbing!

Michael Gray tackles a rock pitch, barefooted, in shirt sleeves, 31st December 2010.

The reward: great memories and a fantastic view.


Since 2010 was so big for new routes on Crane, why not cap off the day with a mixed-route FA?

Michael leads off on a new mixed route at the Height-of-Land Walls.

Here’s to the biggest year ever on Crane, and to the hope that the only thing better than the memories we have of 2010 be those we gather in the years to come. Thank you to all the folks who enthusiastically played around in my back yard!

Ed. Note: Many of the photos we took evaporated in the digital twilight zone. I found a few this morning, after a long search, but I’m afraid the bulk didn’t make it onto my computer, and I’ve erased the disk (doh!). My apologies to Bruce M. and Mike P. for not having more shots of those awesome TRs we did on the Northern Waterfall.
– I see on
Facebook that Mike has named his routes du jour: SCC Mountaineer’s Route 5.3 M1 400ish’ (not counting the wild barefoot TR, which goes ~5.9+), and Immigrant Song WI3+ M2 40′. Kudos to the pair for the official last FA of 2010!

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