Tablerock Corner Ice

tablerock_corner.jpgAnother day, no calls; started to get worrisome. With a day open, I planned to break trail to the Black Arches Wall – but forgot my snowshoes. Too lazy to go back down and get them, I decided instead to hike up to Tablerock Corner and climb it, then head home and do chores.

That went well. Crane’s summit trail is well-packed, so without postholing, I made it to the route. Despite having a lot of snow and losing much of its ice to the early thaw, the corner is in fine shape. There are even a few spots where one might get a screw or two sunk home! I would still recommend a cam or chock for the crux, as the ice is narrow and thin enough at that point to make tool placements tricky, and there are good rock cracks to be had.

Less than two hours, door-to-door from my house. I’m guessing the climb is a full 150′ or more tall; the approach takes about twenty minutes. Can’t miss this climb: it lies on the first cliff that is directly above the summit trail, at the point where it levels off momentarily. Enjoy.

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