Sc(hoh)arie Ice

Been wanting to push my icicle lead-head, and today I certainly did just that. Bruce has sung the praises of a secret ice stash near his home for the past year, so today I drove down to Schoharie County to have a look for myself.

From a distance, it looked fantastic. We geared up and began walking toward the gleaming white ribbon draped down the cliff across the field. I hurried Bruce along, impatient to get to and on this incredible-looking flow.

Oooo. Looks a bit steeper up close.

Definitely steep.

Once I stood below the beast, things changed. Up close, it looked really, really hard. No question, well out of my comfort level. Whoa. No longer so sure of myself, we took a few minutes to consider our options – and to settle my nerves. After awhile, I felt calm enough to go for it.

Suck it up and go, man!

Long story short: we did it. Lotta jitters on my part, but no one fell, no one hung, we made it up and, though somewhat sketchily, down without injury. It took forever – well, my lead took forever – so we didn’t have time to climb anything else.

We did it!

Sadly folks, the flow is on private property. Bruce got permission for us to take a shot at it today. Sorry to all my ice climbing buddies, but it’s off-limits to the public.

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