It Exists!

The ’10-11 Ice season wasn’t a bust in the Adirondacks, but it won’t go down as one of the best. A lot of things here in the southern area of the park didn’t form up enough to give them a try, and the snow piled up so high that getting to remote ice was very, very difficult. I didn’t get much opportunity to search out new ice.

But today, I had a change of luck. The cold spell we’re back into has made the mashed potato snow solid enough to ride atop of, so with a pair of skis and skins, and accoutred with all sorts of other gear (most of which would turn out to be nothing but ballast), I headed out and was able to make it out to one of those mystery locales I’d mapped before the winter and find some ice.


 It wasn’t as tall as I’d hoped, but it was certainly steep enough. Dead vertical, in fact. Wow. It was also a bit sunburned.


I opted to solo TR it. Me an’my pretty lil ice climb.


 Can’t wait to get back out here next season!

This flow lies on the east flank of Black Mountain – yes, one of about two dozen in the Adirondacks. This Black Mountain is the one just off from Route 28 between North River and Indian Lake. It lies in the same “complex” of mountains of which Starbuck is a part.

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