More About Tom’s Crags

The plural form is correct, btw. While there isn’t a lot of tall to any of the crags, there’s a lot of small outcrops with one or two potential lines worth investigating. We walked the public access route today, in part to get an idea of the time involved approaching these cliffs (1+ hr. to the farthest ones), and in part to get a more complete picture of what is available. Turns out, there is one more small crag between the tall one we found last week and the public access point.

This crag lies closest to public access. On the right, it continues about 70′, directly away from the camera. 

 It isn’t grand, but I think there is room for six or seven lines, two or three of which would provide decent climbing.

We had come in above this cliff, so when we hit the Main Wall, Tom stayed by it to look around, while I traced a lower path backward to look at the cliff. Returning to him, I passed this boulder along the way. It’s a good sign that you’re five minutes from that main wall.

Big boulder, plenty of room for sending action. Any takers?

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the main wall, we had already done that last week. Suffice to say, there’s room on this cliff for a dozen routes, spanning (my guess) from about 5.6 to 5.ludicrous. I estimate it is 80′ tall.

The tallest section of the main wall. Some very tempting possibilities here. 

Heading back to Tom’s Main Wall, we stopped first to reinspect a small cliff for its potential.

Tom snapped a pic of me during a close inspection of the cliff.

There is room for 5 or 6 routes on this little crag.

It was Tom’s turn to walk around awhile. I’ve been fighting a bug and was feeling lackluster by then. Tom looked his main cliff over closely, noting that the rock was already dry, despite the rain last night and the cold, damp conditions all day. Earlier posts show these cliffs, so I’ll forego more pictures. 

So there’s a lot available here. Two of the cliffs reach close to 100′. Both are very steep. There are at least a dozen outcrops taller than 30′, probably more like twenty, and a few of these are 50′ or more at their highest. In addition, there are several good boulders, though these are not clustered together tightly. To date, we’ve led two routes, top-roped one other successfully, almost got another on TR, and got thoroughly spanked one more. Plans are afoot to lead a few of these and TR several more lines. I’m psyched!

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