Vermont, Along Rt. 100


We’re here in Vermont, taking in the sights. So far, a lot of the idyllic Vermont countryside, some rugged, schist-sided hillwalking, and a search for moose, in vain. We did however, see a lot of signs, including of course the ever-popular “Moose Xing” ones. But also:


We stopped at a pretty waterfall, where we noticed an old, abandonned log road skewing up toward the top of the falls. Away we went, up that old road. Near the height-of-land, I noticed the mega-scat littering the ground and saw the deep impressions left by the moose’s tracks.

We pressed on, slightly apprehensive, as the log road turned to follow along the stream. After awhile, we came to a fresh line of red paint blazes running uphill away from the creek, and since it looked like we might get a view from up there, chose to follow the blazes.


At the top of the ridge, we didn’t have an open view, but we did find one more sign of our elusive giant quarry. An old rub gave us some idea of just how tall these critters are.

The paint marks led us down the ridge via a steep, damp slope, often cluttered with pieces of schist or obstructed by small cliffs of the stuff. No climbing on these crumbly, sharp-edged outcrops, the ones we walked by were too mossy, wet, and broken to make any attempt.

However, as we drove farther north along Highway 100, I did spot one sweet-looking crack beside the road. It looked as if somebody has cleaned it up recently, and I think it is on public land (no trespassing signs, anyway), so perhaps someday I’ll get back and take a shot at it.

We made it pretty close to Montpelier today, ate great pizza at the Zachary’s in Waterbury, then walked it off on 3 miles of the Waterbury Recreational “trail” (really,walking along a couple back roads). Tomorrow, we’re heading to the capital and the surrounding environs for another day of touring and hiking. Maybe we’ll get to see that moose.

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