Deluge 2011

Well, we’re home. The car isn’t; won’t be for awhile, but it’s close. Sky High Road is accessible, albeit by an 18-mile detour and several iffy swatches along the way. Currently, the only way to get to Crane Mountain is via Wevertown/Johnsburg, swinging around the entire massif via the long end of Garnet Lake Road. The “south end” of Garnet Lake Road is, first off, difficult or impossible to reach directly from Warrensburg, and it has a problem: the bridge below between L. Cameron’s and E. Russell’s is washed out. A 25′ wide, 10′ deep hole now resides in its place.


What a mess. But wait, there’s more. If one should manage a hop across that gap, Sky High has one of its own:



Then, there is the washout section, which just happens to be its worst right at my driveway. This was generated by the culvert above my driveway clogging up in conjunction with my neighbor’s culvert overflowing. In these scenarios, Sky High Road and Glen Creek merge; with the creek invariably winning.


There’s more up the hill, but the neighbors told me this was the worst spot and the only “impassable” one. After a few hour’s work with them, we managed to “reca-passitate” it and get one of their less burly vehicles down to Garnet Lake Road. Which, Robin discovered, is passable now from the other direction (coming out in Johnsburg near the post office, an 18 mile trip from the church), so Crane Mountain is “open” once more. Unfortunately, the fix didn’t connect my driveway to the outside world, so it looks like that will be my chore for tomorrow.

Pastor Herrmann measured 3 1/2″ of rain in one hour. It all had to go somewhere, and in doing so, it took a lot of Thurman Roads along with it.

The house seems to be no worse than ever, though Robin just reported a flying squirrel in our bedroom. Ah, the joys of country living!

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