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Long Play Send

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Nearing the top of Long Play

Last year, I scouted a way to the top of the Long Play Wall, a 115′ crag lying across the talus pile from the Isobuttress. While rappeling, I looked around at the possibilities on the face, and discovered that good holds were plentiful, with only a few iffy spots to contend. A long bout of cleaning ensued, halted by snowstorms in November. Fingers crossed for a warm spell were for naught; the project sat through a long, cold winter and most of this wet, unsettled spring.

Approaching the upper crux

Today a posse of friends came up, put the finishing touches on cleanup, and we sent the route. Long Play is the obvious line running up near the center of the Long Play Wall. It goes at 5.10a 5R. Bring a run of cams, doubles or triples 1/2″ to 1″, and plenty of draws. The bottom is strenuous, the top is technical, and it’s all fun. This is another 4-star Crane Mountain climb, compliments of the Crane Gang.

Mike handled the camera work (nice shots, Mike!), Val manned the belay, Tom played rigger for the event, and everyone took a hand in prep.