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Wayout Once More

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

2011’s Adirondack weather of choice, rain, has returned to frustrate climbers’ last-days forays before winter puts an icy end to rock climbing. Tom and I did our best to beat the odds, trekking out to the Wayout Wall for an all-too brief bit of climbing and a lot of exploration. We expected to get wetted, so we planned a day that could profit regardless… which means the climbing was frosting on the cake (take that, O Fates!).

Tom TRs a nice line left of Bulwark


Crane Mountain Autumn Pics

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Autumn asked for Autumn photos of the area, so here they are. The pics link to larger versions; I’ve had to deposit the big files directly on my website, because WordPress won’t upload them – more joys of dial-up connection. I’ll dig up more, from sunnier days last week, and post them in this same article, so keep checking back (Note: I’ve done so). It’s a downpour day outside, and I received no phone calls today, so there is time to do this sort of thing. Please let me know if the links don’t work. With that confounded dial-up, it’s too time-consuming to test it myself.

Love to all my children, their spouses, pets, and bosom buddies.

First up are pictures taken October 14th. It rained or misted most of the day, but during the afternoon, it looked like it might clear up. It didn’t.

Looking north across the shoulder of Crane Mtn. from partway up the Long Play Wall


Putnam Barn Facelift

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

September’s Soggy Days delayed Adam Pearsall’s plans for putting a new roof on the Putnam Barn, so the past week’s long-awaited Indian Summer initiated that project. A small flock of erstwhile carpenters, demolition demons, and go-fers descended on this lovely building last week and began the labor.


With the help of a rolling lift, we tore all the metal off the main roof, ripped old, rotting lumber away, and began replacing the underlayment with strong, fresh boards.


Though we did work hard, we couldn’t let a good photo-op pass us by. And over the past week, the scenery surrounding us was peak-level incredible.


We didn’t get it all done before the rain, despite working well after dark last night. But we’ve made a lot of progress. Here’s hoping for another spell of good weather so we can finish the job!

Wayout Wall!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011


It has been a long time since I last climbed rock at the Wayout Wall. Two years ago, I managed a day of ice climbing out there, but as far as I can recall, my last rock climbing day out there was during the FA of Bulwark and Stepping Stone. It was time to make the pilgrimage once more.


The Wave Wall

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


During our early explorations on the south side of Hadley (more correctly, West Mountain), Tom and I ran across a small cliff along the line of steepness below the Main Wall and the Silver Bullet Band. It looked interesting enough to tuck in memory and come back to some day. Tom dubbed it the Wave Wall, after its curved, overhanging nature. Well, we finally got back to it, this September. (more…)

Rainy Roger’s Redux

Saturday, October 1st, 2011


Must be the Roger’s Rock Year. Found myself once more heading north and east with kayak attached, and yet again, the night before had been filled with rain. A sodden mist enveloped me as I had loaded the car, and a persistent sprinkle came along as I began driving; I even stopped at the one cell-phone coverage locale to consider my folly. But Jeff and Laurel Peck were staying at the campground, and a quick call revealed that it was not raining there, nor had it rained in the night like it had at my home. In any event, I wanted to visit them, so I continued onward, figuring at least we could chat awhile, commiserate about the weather (they were, after all, on vacation), and perhaps even paddle out to look at the slide.