Rainy Roger’s Redux


Must be the Roger’s Rock Year. Found myself once more heading north and east with kayak attached, and yet again, the night before had been filled with rain. A sodden mist enveloped me as I had loaded the car, and a persistent sprinkle came along as I began driving; I even stopped at the one cell-phone coverage locale to consider my folly. But Jeff and Laurel Peck were staying at the campground, and a quick call revealed that it was not raining there, nor had it rained in the night like it had at my home. In any event, I wanted to visit them, so I continued onward, figuring at least we could chat awhile, commiserate about the weather (they were, after all, on vacation), and perhaps even paddle out to look at the slide.

As I passed through Graphite and began descending toward Lake George, the mist tapered off. The clouds hovered far above this time around, so I had plenty of view ahead. Sunless, but dry; there was some hope. I pulled into the campground and wound down to my friends’ campsite, but they were not there. After a short search, we found each other: they had been choosing a new campsite and looking for a canoe or kayak to rent. After achieving those goals, we were on our way.

As we ferried equipment to the base of Little Finger, it began to sprinkle. For a moment, it seemed we would be limited to a short visit to the base and a hasty retreat to camp, but the rain stopped before it totally soaked the rock. Knowing from last week’s adventure that I could at least manage to get up the route even if it is wet, we decided to go for it. It was, after all, much drier than it had been during my trip with Lukasz. So away we went. If you follow this blog much, you know the routine, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Ladies first – but y’gotta carry the pack. Laurel approaches the top of pitch 1.
And no, she isn’t crawling on a sidewalk. The angle is foreshortened in this photo.

Jeff on his turn at bat.

Laurel begins pitch 2.

Nearing the top of pitch two. Like the slung flake?

Jeff begins pitch two.

Laurel approaches the end of pitch 3, 490′ above Lake George.

In short order, we were at the uppermost anchors. The sun had peeked out occasionally during our climb, but heavy clouds to the south made it clear that we were enjoying a Providential bit of good weather, one that might not last much longer. Rather than toy with the chances of enduring a thunderstorm on the face, we chose to head down to the bottom before risking a top-rope of anything else. Once we reached the relatively safer position of our packs, Jeff and Laurel were able to take turns on Bill Route, my normal course of action on Roger’s Slide, which is an excellent introduction to the more usual style of climbing here.


Rappelling down.

Jeff takes his turn on Bill Route, 5.6 PG friction climbing.

 Once again, we were blessed with a great time on Roger’s Rock, despite the gloomy forecast. We even enjoyed a bit of sunshine during the paddle back to camp. With it, we were able to take our time, soaking in both it and the grand view of the Campground Wall as we floated by. Jeff and Laurel had a vacation to continue, and I had chores back home, so we couldn’t spend a lot of time together afterward, but we had a grand time climbing and paddling together during the day.

In a week or so, this area should be ablaze with autumn color. Columbus Day weekend may be the best time to climb the Slide, so perhaps once again this year, I’ll find myself back there.

Laurel and Jeff inspect the Campground Wall as we paddle back from our climb.

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