Putnam Barn Facelift

September’s Soggy Days delayed Adam Pearsall’s plans for putting a new roof on the Putnam Barn, so the past week’s long-awaited Indian Summer initiated that project. A small flock of erstwhile carpenters, demolition demons, and go-fers descended on this lovely building last week and began the labor.


With the help of a rolling lift, we tore all the metal off the main roof, ripped old, rotting lumber away, and began replacing the underlayment with strong, fresh boards.


Though we did work hard, we couldn’t let a good photo-op pass us by. And over the past week, the scenery surrounding us was peak-level incredible.


We didn’t get it all done before the rain, despite working well after dark last night. But we’ve made a lot of progress. Here’s hoping for another spell of good weather so we can finish the job!

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