What will the New Year Bring?

Well, 2012 is here. Eerily like 2011, it began far warmer than January should be, killing the ice on Crane (and most other places as well). The cold snap is coming on a bit sooner this go-round, so perhaps we will see a rapid reformation. Let’s hope so.

    Goals for Ice Season 2012:

  • Lead Positive Reinforcement (done, on Jan 1st!)
  • Lead Multiplication Gully
  • Lead Lions on the Beach
  • Lead Leap of Faith
  • Lead something new at the Wayout Wall
  • Explore Humphrey Mountain for ice
  • Put up a couple more routes on Dutton Mountain
  • Lead Black Mountain Pillar

I’ve got a muleload of rock goals, as always; but with a rapidly collapsing house, I expect my free hours during the warm season to be few and far between. There’ll be a couple clean-up items from 2011 to do, so I’m trying not to add much in the way of new things to the rock list. That was a major reason we pushed so hard in 2011.

High among the important items of life I must consider is our upcoming 30th Anniversary. Whoa, thirty years. Poor Ra, looks like she got the life sentence. I’d love to take her to Germany to visit Elbsandstein…but there’s that house thing, again. I’d put the house off another year, but there are plans for 2013 as well; and I very much doubt it’ll make it another three.

Despite mental denial, that left shoulder is heading for the same fate as my right did in 2009. That’s something I will try to put off for a few more years. The left knee is following suit, though, and I’m not sure how long I can put that off. Immobility will make staying in shape difficult, if not impossible.

Perhaps I shouldn’t concern myself overmuch with longterm plans such as housebuilding. If the Mayans are right, this old house only needs to stand until December 21st!

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