Sandbagged and Smiling

Tom and I dragged Bruce out to the Amphitheatre yesterday, with deceit in our hearts and treachery on our tongues. “There’s a great 5.7+ out here, you gotta lead it!” I told him.


We didn’t mention the rating for Broken Broom is on the order of “plus three”, at 5.10a. With two cruxes. It wasn’t always pretty, but he ponied up and got’er done. And didn’t punch me out afterward. He was in fact, still smiling. A bit tired, but not enough to stop him from top-roping three more 5.10s, Pinch an Inch, Black Arch Arête, and Pinnacle Overlook, before rain shut us down. Nice going, Bruce!

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  1. bruce monroe says:

    My arms and back still ache from those sand bags they made me carry up there. Thanks to Jay and Tom for the great time. Now where’s the 5.8+???

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