Second Crane FA 2012

No pictures, and certainly a less-stellar achievement than Jamie’s send of Hang Time, but it will do: I sent my first Crane Mountain project of the year. I didn’t plan to attempt the route today, but sometimes things just work unexpectedly.

Tom has been working on a project for awhile (we began fiddling with it last year), and hoped to send it today. While the line is ready enough for a try, Tom just got over a bad case of flu. He isn’t feeling sparky enough yet. After we top-roped it, he elected to give it a few more days before tying into the sharp end.

With enough time for one more effort, I looked over to the project I began working on early this year (not Underworld Roof, btw!). I knew it wasn’t clean enough yet, but it certainly was much better than our last visit. Perhaps I could manage the feat, with a bit of brushing along the way.

Suffice to say, this is a foolish idea, one I’ve succombed to before, and probably will again. It is still mucky in a few key spots, but I barely managed to squeak through to the top.

Muckraker¬† 5.9 PG 50′
Difficult, unprotected moves getting up the first fifteen feet.
Start: 40′ right of Moehammed, Larry, & Curly, at the leftmost of 3 vertical cracks that begin at ground level and end at a right-tilted crack at head-height.
P1: Climb up onto right-tilted crack, making a delicate move to reach a good sidepull above, then reach up to a right-rising crack (1st pro). Step left to a right-facing corner, then climb up this to a stance below a bulging triangular chockstone boulder. Climb over this to a ledge, then follow a vertical crack to a sloping ledge.
FA: Jay Harrison & Tom Lane 2nd April 2012

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