Alas, Elantra: R.I.P.

I won’t be zipping along in my snazzy lil’ blue car anymore. I knew it was decaying to the point where “safe” was no longer an applicable adjective, but I didn’t know just how deeply it had dived into the danger zone until last weekend. After seeing $1600 of needed repair work before pulling off the last wheel – and suspecting another 1K worth – we chose to get what we could out of the Elantra and buy another. No complaints about the Elantra: with 172600 miles on its odometer, it was one of the best cars we’ve ever had.

We found a used car that fit most of our requirements, its only obvious fault being an automatic transmission (I tremble in fear of CoO on that account), but having desperate need and no other appealing alternatives, it made it to the finals and won (if being driven into the ground by the Harrisons can be construed as “winning”). Introducing our new car, a 2008 Kia Rondo:

Yep, that’s Jesse Maiolo again. He must cringe every time he sees us walk in!

The Rondo is no longer available in the U.S., ostensibly because it makes too much sense. There’s room enough in the back for shorties like Ra & me to sleep in together if need be, plenty of leg-room, and excellent field of view in every direction. With >28K miles already on it, we’ve had to take some major steps to reduce driving; the last thing we need is a dead car with live payments.

So far, it seems to be a great car: quiet, smooth ride, instrumentation is reasonably obvious and well-positioned. Engine appears clean, don’t see any leaks or smears. There were a few issues that Garvey Auto Sales took care of before we took possession of the car. As always, Jesse took good care of us during the entire process. Hopefully, the next time we meet, I’ll be rich enough to buy a fleet and guarantee his bonus!

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