The Latest Craneanigans Part 1

I’ve fallen far behind in events and activities here on the mountain. It’s a several-post day to catch up.

Here’s a quik synopsis of climbing on Crane, starting in early June.

Tom nears the top of E-Stim

Tom starting out on E-Stim

First, on one of those iffy weather days, I met Tom at the Isobuttress, where he was watching Doc Livingston and Jeremy Haas climb Carpenter & Das. We went over and climbed E-Stim, meeting the other two heading down as we reached the top.

Doc heads down from the top of the Isobuttress 

From there, Jeremy and Doc decided to enter the Amphitheatre. With the weather deteriorating, they opted to tackle Gun Show, the short route on the steep wall of the right side of the area. We too gravitated there, hoping to climb Broken Broom, but as we entered, it began to rain, hard enough to deter us. Instead, we went over to spectate some more, doubtless annoying our two neighbors, but enjoying every bit of the entertainment.

Jeremy pulls the trigger on Gun Show 

We headed outward, but improving weather bade us stop for a quick climb up Stairway to Heaven. Outward again, but again, the weather got better, and we stopped once more for a top-rope of Mike Prince’s latest route, Halitosis, on the Top’o’the Measles Wall. It is possibly the most “pure” friction route of its grade (5.8) at the Measles Walls.

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