Jim Cranks a Belleview New

The Belleview Slab has seen rapid development in the past week. There are now 8 routes established there. Until Friday, those routes ranged from 5.3 to 5.9.

Jim on the Send. 

Jim Lawyer came out to Crane Friday with just enough time to climb a little and look around the new area, so we hiked up here, climbed Belle Bottom Crack, then looked over at the last project awaiting completion. The face between Glee Club Crack and Belle Bottom Crack has a steep start with minimal holds. We had breached it on top-rope a couple times, but most of our attempts involved several falls and plenty of tension. Jim decided to work out the problem.

We set a TR, Jim began working the moves, and soon, we were ready to take a shot at a clean send. It didn’t take long: Jim led this central line cleanly, yielding the Belleview’s first and only 5.10 route. I followed, avec the usual flurry of falls, before resorting to aid (some call it “chalk”) to keep my fingers on the key crimp at the crux.

Official name awaits posting on the Official Site. Nice going, Jim!

Update: the name is official: Lawyers, Guns, and Money. Since its send, at least five other climbers have led it, no one, I believe, without falling a time or two at the crux. Don’t expect bulging muscles to save the day here, the crux is instead very technical. Precision footwork, balance, body-placement, and timing are required. I generally hesitate to apply a steep grade to anything that doesn’t seem brutally strenuous, I lean toward a rating of 5.10c for this one.

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