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Excellent FA @ the BAW

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Ben taking a run up his recent send, Sleepy Hollow.
Photo courtesy of Tom Lane

Ben Brooke cleaned and sent the straightshot corner system 25′ left of Cranium yesterday. Christened Sleepy Hollow, the line begins in a right-facing corner, which transforms into a left-facing corner and back again before bumping its hard-nosed head into an overhang. Two finishes are possible: a stout 5.8+ scoot to the right gets around the initial lip before returning to the main line, or a direct 5.9 assault through a bombay chimney to reach the anchors at 100′.

Ben, Tom, & I hiked out to have a looksee and sample the latest line today. It needs more cleaning, but even in its present condition is well worth the trip. Bring a full rack, with doubles of #.7 to #3 C4s and a full assortment of C3s (or equivalent). Cold Shuts at 100′. Congrats to Ben on his first big send here on Crane Mountain!

One More Underworld Escape

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Jamie McNeill came up Saturday, and after a bit of mucking about on the South Corner Cliff, we found ourselves rappelling into the dreaded Underworld Roof, an open project that has lured in and devoured unwitting climbers before (me included). On his way down, Jamie elicited the all-too-familiar phrases, a rhapsody of the lost, if you will. This thing looks sooo doable!

Taping up in hopes of a send