Add a Line to the Rods’n’Guns Wall

Tom sets out on the FA of B.A.R. 

With few exceptions, we spent 2012 focused on Crane Mountain, achieving our goal of 200+ routes there. With that target acquired, we turned our attention momentarily to the Rods’n’Guns Wall, last year’s Big Discovery. Tom had left one project uncompleted there, so we decided to give it a go before snow and cold made the attempt impossible.

We spent a day walking in from the Hadley Mountain Trailhead, with one of those half-full, half-empty results. Our walk in degenerated from a promising line into a sidehill wallow across loose scree too high up; so now we know better to cut off a bit earlier from the trail. Our way out started uninspriringly, but we finished up well, hitting the trail a few hundred yards below our cut-in point and making good mental notes of where the junction should be placed. Once a good path is established, the approach will still take about an hour.

This picture shows the prolific “route density” possible at the R&GW:
To Tom’s left are 2 routes: Daisy BBs comes up to and climbs the
prominent left-rising flake system, while Squeezing Miss Daisy heads
up the dirty rock to a the rightmost offwidth crack. To Tom’s right lies
Pump Action, one of the better routes here. At upper right, you can just
see the top of Lever Action.

But it’s worth it. Over a dozen 2 to 4-star routes lie tightly together on the main wall., with an equal number of leftovers, most of which just need better cleaning to justify a once-over. There are several viable outcrops both along the way to and near the Rods’n’Guns Wall, so if you have a taste for exploration, there’s plenty to be uncovered yet.

Initiating Crux Sequence: all systems are go!

Yep, Tom managed the send, cleaning up our to-do list at the Rods’n’Guns Wall and adding the list of worthy lines here.

We had time to TR another possibility on the steep wall lying between his new route and my last send there from 2011, Colt 45 Corner. Suffice to say, that overhanging-to-vertical face spat us out repeatedly. We did find a scoot-in line, traversing a pumpy horizontal leftward from Chuting Lane, but both of us adamantly refused to grant it project status. The line is open. Any takers?

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