Jog up RBF

Mulling over options for today, Tom chose a drive up to Roaring Brook Falls. Something about prefering an hour drive and a 10-minute approach to a 10-minute drive and an hour approach. I warned him that RBF on a Saturday would not be a private venue – we would be queuing up – to no avail. Go figure, lazy bum. Of course, after a week of slogs to the Wild West, a short approach seemed like a nice idea to me…

Tom at the top of pitch 1

It went well. There was a crowd, but we were pretty close to the front of it. The sun was shining, and as usual RBF was out of the wind, alleviating the single-digit temperature and lending a great view during any pauses.

Interesting meeting: the two guys ahead of us mentioned that they’ve climbed the Waterfall Wall on Crane, used to climb it every year. Mike and Devon (sorry if I missspelled your names, guys) think it’s a great adventure day. Very, very cool to meet folks at Adirondack Ice Ground Zero kudoing my backyard!

Mike, Tom, & Devon at the top

RBF was in great shape for climbing, terrible shape for protecting, btw. Gorgeous cauliflowers, enough handholds to make single-tooling almost the better option, and a steep bit near the finish all composed of champagne-baroque glazing pasted to rock. Easy climbing, awful pro.

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