Waterfall Wall Recovery


That didn’t take long.

Rushed home from work, changed, grabbed gear and jogged out to have a look at the damage the thaw wrought. It ripped and tore a lot away, but the Waterfall Wall remains climbable.


Make no mistake, you won’t be alone on this route. There is plenty of water, well… falling down the ice in spots.



And the second pitch has yet to firm up well. One could probably sneak along the right edge of the open cataract even tonight. I expect it will close up a bit more by tomorrow.


Having to race sunset back home, I climbed no farther upward tonight. From a distance, the top pitch looks good. No telling what the fifth pitch will be like; and it’s a bit tricky getting around that one.


I also took a gander at the Tempest variation, which looked better now than it did before the thaw.

So this weekend is possible, folks. Don’t stay home moping about the thaw, do something about it: climb!

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  1. ktm835 says:

    whats the easiest approach to get to waterfall climb? heading up tomorrow

  2. admin says:

    ktm835: email me, jayclimbs@yahoo.com. I plan to head out there tomorrow as well, and have access to a much faster approach than the public one.

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